Ready, set, reboot!

Regain your focus for the year ahead

January 9 will mark a year since the start of my weightloss journey, which I kickstarted by doing my first 30-day reboot programme which introduced to the Paleo lifestyle.

Because I’m a pretty sentimental gal – and because I believe in marking milestones – I’ve decided to do another 30-day reboot, starting on January 8. Most people who follow a Paleo lifestyle adhere to the 80/20 rule, meaning that they follow the rules of the diet 80% of the time and give themselves some leeway the other 20% of the time. Paleo reboot or restart programmes take you back to basics, with many of them requiring that you stick strictly to the principles of Paleo – and even go back to Day 1 if you fall off the wagon.

The start of a new year is a perfect time for change

Not only is the start of a new year the perfect time for tackling a lifestyle change, but also a time for reflection and readjustment. If you, like me, have been following a particular eating plan for a couple of months, now is a good time to take stock of what you’re doing well, what you’re still doing well, and where you need improvement. As was the case with other eating plans I tried in the past, I’ve found that as I become more comfortable with the Paleo lifestyle, I also become more comfortable with cheating a bit here and there, and making compromises I wouldn’t ordinarily make.

You know what I mean… When I’m focusing strictly on my diet, and weightloss goals, I would steer clear of restaurant meals because you can never be sure which ingredients have been used, which oils food has been fried in, or whether sugar or dairy products have been added to meals. For example, while I rarely go to restaurants anymore, over the festive period,  on two occasions I enjoyed gammon made by friends and family, ignoring the fact that I knew for sure they’d used ginger beer or sugar in the glaze. I drank too much alcohol. And snacked far too much, albeit it on “legal snacks”.

And so, more than anything else, I’m going to do a reboot this month to get my head back in the game and edit out the complacency that’s set in… To rewrite the bad habits that have become engrained in my mind, and to remind myself that I can get by on much less than what I’m eating at the moment, mostly due to snacking and “grazing” throughout the day.

I also think my body could do with a break from alcohol – and a lot less coffee than I currently drink every day. It’s an opportunity to focus. To think mindfully about what I’m putting in my body and consciously about how I feel when I do so.

I’ll be doing the Sleekgeek 30-day Reboot, but there are a number of other options which vary in duration as well as resources and support provided. While the Sleekgeek programme is free and comes with community support via Facebook, Eat Drink Paleo and Paleo Leap, which have become my go-to Paleo diet resources in the past year, have paid-for packages, with the former offering a 7-day Paleo kickstarter; 4-week total Paleo reset; and an 8-week total Paleo reset and reintroductions plan. My advice is to read through the descriptions of each of the programmes very carefully and decide which you feel will work best for you.

Once again hubby will be rebooting with me, and I suggest you get a reboot buddy too. It really makes a big difference! My husband, however, doesn’t eat meat or chicken, so we have to plan carefully where he will get his required protein from. Very useful in this respect, is that part of Paleo Leap’s package is a plan for people with allergies or intolerance to foods such as eggs, shellfish nuts and nightshades (potatoes, egg plants, peppers and paprika).

Check back here for updates on my Reboot experience and simple meal ideas!

Here’s what I’ll be keeping in mind during my 30-day Reboot

  • Keep it simple
  • Stop snacking!
  • Keep it low-carb
  • Watch portion sizes (even though this isn’t a requirement in the programme I’ll be following)
  • More water. Less coffee
  • The headaches will pass

Ready? Let’s reboot!

Chantel Erfort

I'm a yoga teacher and health advocate who runs and enjoys the outdoors. Having previously lived a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, nothing makes me happier than being able to share the benefits of including some movement, mindfulness and healthy eating into one's life.